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Atrium Studio School

Head Teacher's Message 30th November 2020


In just a couple of days, the country will emerge from national lockdown and move into a tiered system again. We have decided that due to the mock exams taking place and the fact that, at the time of writing, we have had no positive cases in our school community, we are going to continue to maintain the same routines in school.

We are delighted, if not somewhat amazed, not to have been in the position to ask groups of students to self-isolate for a long period of time. Face to face education will always be our preferred method of delivery, although please be assured we are ready to move to remote learning if the need arises. We will never know if our routines around Coronavirus management have been the reason behind the lack of infection in our school community, but I am sure they have helped. Safety and enabling students to access learning in classrooms are our priorities. We will continue to review our procedures regularly and to communicate any changes with you.

In general, the students have coped superbly with the challenges we are facing at the moment and we have been grateful for all the parental support and feedback we have received. The students currently sitting mock exams have shown particular resilience and I have been hugely impressed with them. They have handled the pressure well; they have approached each exam maturely, sensibly and with a strong positive mindset. In all my years being with students sitting exams, this is the most impressed I have ever been and, for students to be able to sustain this, particularly under such circumstances, they are to be commended.

Mrs J Veal