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Curriculum Outline - Academic Year 2019-20

Please view below the Curriculum Information for Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8) and Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11) for information on the Curriculum outline for all subjects including setting. 

Also our teaching and learning implementation policies including:

Teaching and Learning Policy

Marking Policy - IACT

Home Learning Policy

High Performing Students Policy

There is also information from the Year 11 Revision Evening held in September each year and our current Exam Support Timetable.

Queries about Curriculum, Options processes and Teaching and Learning: 

Ralph Wickenden Contact us

Queries about option changes should first go to the student's performance leader. 

Opening Doors through Education.


A balanced and broad curriculum that supports Core Subjects and Specialism Areas of PE and the Arts.


Supports Ebacc. Attainment and Progress 8 measures giving our students the best possible route towards their futures whilst also enabling well-rounded and happy students.


A curriculum that supports students of all abilities, enabling students to gain positive learning habits, progression in individual subject areas, extension for high performers and allows students to take risks in order to go beyond their current performance through exciting learning opportunities.  


  1. SDCC Curriculum 2019-20 Parent Information Update January 2020
  2. South Dartmoor Community College Curriculum Vision
  3. SDCC Principles of Teaching 2.0
  4. Ways to help your child learn
  5. Curriculum Model and Setting Rationale
  6. Year 8 Option Choices Booklet for September 2019
  7. Revision Evening Exams @ SDCC 2019 - 2020
  8. Revision Evening Presentation
  9. SDCC HL Policy September 19
  10. SDCC IaCT Policy September 19
  11. SDCC Whole College High Performance Policy September 2019
  12. SDCC Y11 Targeted Support_Intervention Timetable Nov - Dec 19
  13. Teach_Learning Principles SDCC Rationale