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Atrium Studio School

Specialism - PE

The PE Department

Mrs Kate Hutchings: Subject Leader

Miss Charlotte Bowen i/c OCR Cambridge Technicals

Mr Dan Vile

Mr Mike Slater

Mr Jamie Morrison-Hill

Mr Phil Roberts

Mr Adam Fox

Additional teaching and Coaching Support from:

Mrs Catherine Kilburn: Partnership Development Manager, Dartmoor SSP

Mrs Becky Mason: School Sports Coordinator

Ms Tammi Lethbridge: KS4 Core PE co-ordinator


Please find below Curriculum Outlines for PE and Sport in Years 7-13 and activity rotation maps:

  1. Core PE
  2. A-level
  3. GCSE
  4. KS3
  5. KS4
  6. L3 Cambridge Technical
  7. All years PE activity rotation 2020 2021