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Atrium Studio School


Sixth Form Staff

The Sixth Form Management Team 

The Sixth Form benefits from its own management team who oversee the strategic direction and performance of the Sixth Form as well ensuring the day to day running of the establishment is safe and effective.

Mr Jared Baldwin

 Head of South Dartmoor and Atrium-Studio Hub Sixth Form

Responsible for: Curriculum and Study Programmes, Assessment and Data, Post 16 Teaching and Learning, Quality Assurance,  Ofsted Compliance, Pastoral Provision,  Progression, Post 16 Bursary.





Head of Year 12 & Year 13

Responsible for: Student Performance, Safeguarding and Welfare, Attendance, Retention, Progression and Enrichment. Post 16 Safeguarding Lead,







The Sixth Form Non-Teaching Team 

We have a very friendly non-teaching team of staff at Sixth Form who maintain the ‘family feel’ and keep everybody organised, fed, watered and safe at Place House.












The Sixth Form Tutor Team 

The role of the sixth form tutor is a key factor in the success of our students. The tutor’s primary role is to support their tutor group to achieve their full potential and the achievement of their target grades through close individual tracking and monitoring of their progress related to their curriculum pathway, their attendance and overall pastoral welfare. The tutor is the key contact for each student, their parents/carers and the tutee's teachers.  

Tutors act as a role model to their tutor group and lead them in developing a positive work ethos and ensuring that the sixth form experience is a fun and enriching one for them. Tutors guide students to observe the sixth form policies and procedures.

Being a sixth form tutor is a truly rewarding experience. Tutors and their tutees develop professional relationships of the highest quality. Our tutors love supporting their students to navigate their way through the challenges and triumphs of their time in sixth form and guiding them on their way to exciting and fulfilling progression routes.

Jenny French

(Year 12 JRF Tutor Group) and Head of English


Craig Axford

Year 12 CMA Tutor Group and Head of History

Ian Jenkins

(Year 13 FXX Tutor Group) Deputy Head, Head of Year 13 and Teacher of PE




 Nic Bush & Martin O’Halloran 

Year 12 NRB & MJO Tutor Group 

NAB - Head of Psychology

 MJO - Sociology and Health and Social Care Curriculum Leader


Barry Rodgers

Year 13 BWR Tutor Group and Head of Business and Economics

Mr Ben Lovick

(Year 13 BPL Tutor Group) Deputy Head of Science and Physics Curriculum Leader.