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Atrium Studio School

School Council

  • The Student Council is a collection of students from a variety of year groups in the College.

  • We meet every Monday 12.45-1.30 in MA7 to discuss matters with the School and try to tackle any challenges that arise.

  • The council is categorised into different groups that all have different responsibilities. We regularly have feedback from each group to see a wide range of what is happening at the School.

  • Any student who isn’t an officer is welcome to come along to any meeting to put their view to the Student Council or just see what we do. You will always be very welcome.

What we’re up to…

  • The Student Council are currently working on a number of things but our main project for this year is to try and make our canteen more environmentally friendly.

  • The school currently have a recycling system in which the Student Council have a massive role in. The recycling officers meet every Friday to collect and recycle any waste from different classrooms. We are very proud of this recycling system and strive to ensure that the rest of the school, including the canteen, can match this recycling.


  • The Student Council also organises school “Mufti days”, and collects the donations from various tutor groups.

  • We arrange our own cake sales and lunch and break time events to raise money for different charities. The members of the Council are excellent at giving their own time to make a difference to the school.

  • As well as this, the Student Council were closely involved with the design of the new college planner and designed their own tie.

  • The School’s “Learning Habits” are a very important aspect of learning at SDCC and the Student Council have recently been trying to adapt the language used on the Learning wheel to make it more accessible to all students. This will then allow all students to understand and interact with the Learning Habits and the Learning Wheel.